Network Marketing

Where’s the Network in Network Marketing?

Suppose you want to make money on the side, so you try network marketing.

You alienate all your friends and family trying to get them to join.

You’re out of resources – no more friends to pitch.

You start running ads.

You spend a lot of money on ads and get paltry returns.

You go to hype sessions, but where’s your real network?

But things have changed in the network marketing industry…

The new model is that someone else does all the work for you.

All you have to do is learn one skill at a time.

You partner with someone who knows how to do it, has money, has products to sell, and could use extra help reaching out.

You go through a quick educational process that teaches you how to drive traffic.

You target your online ads to people who are already looking for what you want – no more wasted energy on friends and family who don’t want to hear one more of your ideas.

You follow the principle of “Each one teach one.” You pass on everything you learn to the newest people in the organization, and you continue to learn and hone your skills.

You become more and more valuable, and your wallet shows it.

Right now there’s a unique opportunity.

There’s a 21-step class that comes with a guarantee.

Finish the 21 steps, document everything you’re learning, and follow the steps provided by your instructors.

Take advantage of the coaching program included at no extra charge to get your own personal questions answered.

Start implementing – all the training and coaching in the world isn’t going to help you if you never try anything.

Feed back to your coach so he/she can help you develop the skills you personally need the most and help you celebrate your successes.

Begin to develop your own portfolio of success, showing newer people how to replicate what you’ve done.

You see, when you tie into the right network, the path is pre-paved for you.

It’s easy to walk.

All you have to do is take the first few steps.

If you start to veer off the successful path, you’ve got your coach to help you get back on the right track.

The true beauty of this network is that you can share it with others. You can become the coach. After you’ve got success and experience under your belt, you can help others find the success that you just learned to get!

And what’s the upshot of that?

You feel good.

You’ve helped others.

You’ve not only helped yourself, but now you’ve got some overflow. You’ve got some experience, time, and good vibes to share.

You’re now well-compensated for your efforts, and you’ve also got the joy of helping those who want what you have to offer.

Best of all – you’re not burdening friends and family with unwanted offers and networks that bore them.

You’re just helping people who want your help.

Learn how here: Mike Skinner’s favorite learning program

This is very easy to do. (Otherwise, I never could have done it!)

What do you think? Have you ever tried network marketing? Have you ever had an annoying friend trying to get you to join a network you’re not interested in? Have you ever pitched friends and family to join your network until you finally ended up in the NFL (No Friends Left) Club?

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