When Can I Retire?

For a great many people, a looming question is, “When Can I Retire?” Like so many other questions the Baby Boomers raised about society, meaning, and lifestyle, the answer to this question looks like it will be vastly different than the answers of previous generations.

A comfortable retirement age depends largely on finances. That’s not the only consideration, as health, physical surroundings, and access to family, friends, and caregivers also fit in. Beliefs and mindset also play in to when a person can reasonably consider retirement as a beneficial lifestyle. If you put off taking care of your body, finances, and mindset, and now you’re hoping to play catch-up, you could be headed for some nasty surprises.

While many are ill-prepared for retirement, quite a few people are finding comfort in stay-at-home businesses. The Internet has transformed the workplace. Not only are more people using the Internet at work, but many are actually starting home businesses that, in some cases, are more lucrative than the jobs they held all those years.

Rob T., for example, had a prestigious job at a major university, and found out that pursuing an online career at home actually paid more in retirement than his best-paying position at the university. Deborah R. had a similar experience. A retired schoolteacher, Deborah found a wealth in retirement by teaming with colleagues in an online business. Perks also included business travel to exotic destinations for training and masterminding. For people getting ready to retire, it’s wise to notice the megatrend that’s developing in the world today, the prevalence of online buying and selling. For both of these people, online businesses were easy to set up and run (once they went through an initial learning curve).

Personally, I would rather work from home leading up to retirement, and if I like it enough, continue during my retirement years. The flexibility of working online means that I can keep my regular job and continue to build my retirement portfolio while building skills in my online business. There’s nothing I would like more than to not only have the financial freedom to retire in comfort, but the chance to coach others to find their own online success. It can be done, take it from me. Like many people, I had to start from scratch and learn the basics.

If you’re asking yourself, “When Can I Retire?” and you have a sinking feeling in your gut when you do, it’s never too late to get started online. I’ve seen people in their 70s and 80s go into an online business and do extremely well. It has less to do with your computer skills than it does with your enthusiasm for finding a niche that suits you and bringing value to your customers. Just like the businesses of yore, success always seems to point to the people who are willing to put energy and enthusiasm into their work.

As always, if you’d like tips on how to make money online, or if you have any questions about retirement in general, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me here to get started.