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Top Ten Reasons Why Retirees Can Work from Home Online

If you’re getting ready to retire and make some extra money online, my personal recommendation is to go for it. There is no point in waiting when you can maximize your income now while you can still enjoy life. Here are my top ten reasons retirees can work from home online.

10. Skill set.

Nowadays, there are people who can get you up and running on no time. I know of people who made $8,000 within the first three days of starting to work online. That’s not guaranteed, but people are doing it. All you need to do is learn the skill set, and if you’re just retiring now, you’re certainly young enough to learn it.

9. Help.

There are all kinds of help online for the new online entrepreneur. From the tried-and-true affiliate marketing, to the Amazon Marketplace, to selling everything from knitting needles to bowling balls, to selling information, the Internet is full of people who have already done it and can tell you how. Always beware and trust your sources, of course, but good coaches are worth their weight in gold and can save you years of start-up troubles.

8. Numerous niches.

As mentioned above, there is no limit to what you can specialize in. The main online niches are weight loss and health, relationships, career development, and financial (money-making). But within those prime niches are many sub-niches, and this is generally where you’re going to find your own expertise. For example, in the relationships niche, you could focus on dating, marriage, divorce, children, wedding planning, etc. The list is absolutely endless and each has a fanatical audience.

7. Improved programs.

The “how-to” is nothing like it used to be. Drag-and-drop websites, virtual assistants, blogging platforms, video platforms, Facebook and other social media, membership sites, email autoresponders, done-for-you shopping cart programs for your website, etc., all make your life much easier. The pioneers suffered so you don’t have to.

6. Mastermind groups.

The mastermind group is a golden idea that apparently originated in the early 1900s with Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie. There is nothing like experiencing the power of an organization like this. There are various names for them, but look for a group whose sole purpose is to help each member succeed. My Online Business Education (MOBE) offers masterminds for those who are determined to make money online by solving problems for their customers, but also presents speakers from around the globe who share goal-achieving strategies, tax strategies, debt strategies, mindset strategies, and a host of other vital information besides just the mechanical necessities.

5. Cooperation from banks and credit card companies.

The current financial climate favors online commerce and online safety. The banks and the credit card companies, as well as upstarts like PayPal, make it safer than ever before to do business online.

4. Training.

The training that’s available now is quite rigorous, complete, well-thought-out, and compressed. You can literally start a business and get profitable within a few short weeks, whereas in the past, people took years to save the money and get everything together to open a store. Because it’s easy to get started, the market can attract people wo don’t take their work seriously, but for those who work hard, keep their minds open to the training and coaching that’s available, and know that there is no such thing as “get rich quick,” the training that’s offered is the #1 ingredient for success.

3. Excitement.

It’s quite a thrill for someone to set their minds to a goal, work and study hard to achieve it, and have results within a few weeks or months. While everyone works at their own rate, success is hard to sneeze at. Everyone gets excited when they begin to achieve the success they want, and that is a top reason to start working from home and hang in there long enough to make some sales and earn good money.

2. Timeliness.

This is probably the best time to work from home online because of all the other reasons I’ve gone through. You simply don’t have to take as many chances or put in as much work as you did before. You still need to move out of your comfort zone and put in some work, of course! But there’s no better time, and in a few years there will probably be much more competition, so this is the time NOW.

1. Payoff.

Quite simply, you can make mega-dollars online. I know people who are making over $300,000 per month. That’s not the average person, but these people are very real and very inspiring.

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