Best Online Business Ideas

The Best Online Business Ideas

You hear them every day — people complaining about their bosses and their lack of income. And while some very lucky people happened to fall into jobs they love, and the income to go with them, most people are yearning to be in control of their own destiny. They realize that having a good job is not necessarily the panacea everyone thinks it is.

Since the Internet is the emerging mega trend of our age, you don’t have to have a PhD to realize that you can take control of your life by earning money online. In fact, the best online business ideas don’t even require you to quit your job. You can get started part-time, and when your part-time income starts to exceed your full-time income, you can simply step away and leave a good job vacant for the next person who really wants it.

A lot of people will tell you that earning money online is easy, but I never say that. It’s simple, but easy is in the eye of the beholder.

For example, let’s look at the skill of making videos. Some people market their online businesses by making tons of videos and flooding social media with pictures of themselves. That might be an easy thing for some people to do, but some don’t have the technical skill, and others are incredibly camera shy. So, this skill might be easy and simple for some, but not for everybody.

There’s another important skill that you need — you have to narrow down all the offers out there.

When you’re shopping for a business opportunity online, you’re going to discover in a fairly rapid time that there are literally thousands of them out there. And, if you’re like most people, you’re going to be attracted to a lot of offers and start making investments, only to find that the next offer seems to be ten times better. This results in what we often call “shiny object syndrome,” where you can get caught up buying one thing after another, and never implementing any of the opportunities.

I recommend two techniques for filtering out great offers. First, you have to use your head. You have to evaluate what’s included in the offer, whether or not you think you can actually do the work, and what your potential gains are as opposed to the amount of time and money you’re going to invest.

Secondly, you have to use your intuition, too. (Yes, even guys have intuition, but we just call it a gut-level feeling.) Spend some time getting to know some of the people involved in your potential new business. Do you like them and trust them? Or do you think they’re just a little sleazy? Can you see yourself working around these people, even though you won’t be reporting to them? Remember that whatever attracts you to a business is likely to attract other people just like you. If you deceive yourself into thinking you can do the work but really hate it, your potential customers will feel it.

Bottom line, the best online business ideas are the ones that appeal to you. They’re the ones you can see yourself doing. They make sense, offer good income, and seem to offer some fun, too. And, even if you’re very excited about your new venture, there’s a part of you that’s really at peace, knowing that you’ve found a good fit.

Here’s a challenge for you, if you’re kicking around the idea of an online business. Click here to ask me any questions, learn about getting started, or make a comment. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.