Marketing Strategies for Extra Retirement Income

In my last post, I advised you to create a vision of your perfect day. If you’re looking to retire over the next few years or have recently retired, it is all the more important to do this exercise, because, fortunately or unfortunately, what we envision for ourselves often comes true! It’s usually not as bad as we feared or as great as we dreamed, but it’s usually along the lines of what we expected for ourselves. So if you haven’t done this exercise yet, go back and do it now before reading this.

There is really no question about it – preparing for retirement for most of us means planning some kind of secondary income and some pretty clever marketing strategies to either find a job for us old-timers or promote a product or service so we can make commissions in between trips to the shuffleboard court (just kidding about the shuffleboard, of course).

How do you know how much income you’ll need for a comfortable retirement? One indicator is how much you’re making now, and a lot of people (according to Spring Financial Group Pty Ltd.) just assume that 60-70% of their current income will be enough.

That’s great except for three problems:

  1. Often, people assume that their house will be paid off by retirement, which is a pretty huge assumption. There’s no guarantee that your housing expenses are going to be lower than they are while you’re working. And what about the price of everything else, especially health care, going up over time?
  1. It takes a pretty huge nest egg to generate the kind of interest you’re going to need to make 60% of what you’re earning full-time now.
  1. Who says that you want a “comfortable” retirement!? If it were mine to decide, I’d want to have a fabulous retirement! I’d like to go places I’ve never been, and take in all the sights, sounds, and experiences I can cram into my remaining 30 years.

These kinds of things have been on my mind for quite some time, so that’s why I personally started scouring around for ways to make money online after I retire. I decided to get started right away so that by the time retirement rolls around, I’ll have made all my mistakes and I’ll already know how to make money online. But it occurs to me that a lot of other people are not doing this kind of planning. They’re just hoping everything will be okay.

I found some online opportunities that I think are very beneficial. I don’t have to invest huge amounts of money in product creation, branding, or anything like that. The company is solid and it’s been around for enough years to know it’s not going anywhere. And it’s experienced phenomenal growth and keeps improving each and every year. I’m really relieved to have found a company that suits my own needs for security and fun post-retirement.

So all I need now are the strategies to promote the products so I can maximise the kind of income I’m aiming to have. Fortunately for me, the company provides several masterminds and marketing training events throughout the year. So I’m set and things are going very well.

Please post any questions or comments below. I’d love to find out what kind of marketing strategies you’re planning for your retirement years, whether it’s directed toward getting another job, doing affiliate marketing, or selling your own arts and crafts. And let me know if I can help you in any way. After all, the person who knows what’s best for you is certainly yourself.