Make Money from Home for Retirement

In my last post, I referred to a recent article by Spring Financial Group Pty Ltd. on their website, WealthAdvisor ( I talked about retirement shortfalls and how important it is to plan. I suggested a way to make money from home through the Internet, since it seems very easy to break into business and start making cash right away (if you know the right places to go).

The problem that most people are having relates to a lack of planning. That is actually not a problem that just came up at the last minute with our generation, but it’s been an ongoing commonality among people of all ages and most countries.

Spring pointed out that a survey was conducted with graduate students at a prestigious school. The students were simply asked whether or not they had financial goals, and if they did, if those goals were written down. Only 3% of those students had goals and wrote them down. The other 97% either didn’t have any goals, or had them but didn’t bother writing them down anywhere.

After ten years, the survey tracked them down and re-questioned them. The 3% with written goals was now making ten times what the other combined 97% was making.

There are plenty of other stories. Actor Bruce Lee wrote down exactly how much he wanted to be making for acting services and the kind of work he was going to put into making that kind of money. And he achieved everything he wrote down, word for word. It seems to be a matter of focusing your energy on the kind of life you want.

I’m going to ask you to do a simple exercise of writing down two goals. First, write down the amount of money you would need to have invested in order to meet your annual retirement needs. If you don’t know how to do that, check out my previous blog post here.

Now, write down what your perfect day would be like. Matt Lloyd, founder of MOBE (My Online Business Education), recommends that everyone who is looking for success go through this exercise. You simply imagine a complete day from the time you wake up in bed to the time you fall asleep at night, and jot down a detailed scenario of a perfect day. What kind of people do you meet or work with? What do you do? Where do you live, and what does your place look like? Set aside at least 25 minutes so you can imagine your perfect day in perfect detail. Then, spend 3-5 minutes every day re-reading your perfect day and your numeric goal. I suggest doing them together because the fun of living your perfect day (in your mind) will ramp up your enthusiasm for your monetary goal.

Now imagine that you fail to meet your needs after retirement age. You’re terrified every month when the bills start to come in. You don’t know if you can continue living where you are, what you’re going to eat, or how you’ll pay for your medications. You don’t know how you’re going to buy gifts for your loved ones at birthdays and holidays. In short, your life is pretty sad. In your mind, go back and forth between your perfect day and the kind of day you’ll have if you don’t find a way to meet and exceed your needs. Which do you prefer?

I would be lying to you if I told you I didn’t have this conversation with myself a while ago. I wanted to be responsible and have my life together, but I actually want to exceed my needs by quite a bit, and look forward to a retirement filled with fun and good times. That’s why I learned how to make money from home to benefit my own retirement plans. How about you?

Please post any questions or comments below. I’d love to find out what you wrote down for your perfect day and how you’re doing on your monetary goals.