Being Your Own Boss

Being Your Own Boss Could Be Easier Than You Think!

Going into business used to cost so much that it was impossible for about 99% of us. Being Your Own Boss was a headache! Not only did you need enough for start-up, but you needed enough to last through the first couple of months until you got traction. You also needed a lot for lawyers, real estate people, infrastructure, and employees. You had to be aware of stocking inventory and rotating it, all the laws around storage, and all the many laws around employing people. You had to invest a lot in advertising, and you had no idea whether or not it would pay off. To top it off, you had to deal with customer complaints!

The Internet changed all that. Nowadays, you can go independent and get out of the rat race without a huge financial investment or a lot of 18-hour days cleaning up behind the janitor! In fact, with certain business models, you can learn the essentials very quickly and start becoming profitable almost immediately.

Here’s some cost-comparison info for you: Opening an Arby’s costs anywhere between $399,000 to $2,347,500 depending on whether you lease or purchase the site, and what options on the menu you choose to serve.

In addition, there are ongoing fees of 4% of gross sales, advertising co-op fees, training fees, ownership transfer fees, association membership fees, additional training fees, sample fees, attorney’s fees, insurance fees, and your own taxes. These could easily run you up to another $40,000 – $80,000 per year.

Opening a business online is a whole different ball of wax. First of all, there are a million choices. You have to be careful when you work online, because there are some people out there who will just take your money and deliver nothing. But there are some really huge business opportunities that don’t cost as much and don’t carry the same headaches.

For example MOBE (My Online Business Education) specializes in information and educational products. If you want to learn how to do something, especially in regards to starting, growing, and maintaining a successful business, you can order information online from MOBE and the products will be delivered straight to your inbox. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to sell an information product? You don’t need to worry about spoilage or shipping.

MOBE’s starter kits run right around $49. Inside, you find out how a successful online business model works. You find out how other successful people make their fortunes online. You get an understanding of the pricing model of one of the most successful online businesses in the world. What’s more, should you decide to invest in other info products from MOBE, the $49 could be credited to another information product.

Compare for yourself: deal with employees, food spoilage, rent hikes, returns, and a huge investment – OR – sell information products online, work with the kinds of people you choose, forget about paying overhead on your own building, and get started for right around $2,200. Being your own boss doesn’t have to hurt.

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