Who is Mike Skinner?

Mike is a professional affiliate marketer educating entrepreneurs and small business owners to set up and build online digital income streams.

The products promoted, offered, and recommended on this website are products Mike uses and trusts. Products supplied from global industry leaders in their fields.

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Past credentials

Mike is a highly accomplished and experienced Corporate Executive with extensive experience in sales, marketing and business management in a variety of different industries including consulting, manufacturing, and services. Mike enjoys a demonstrable track record of success in significantly increasing sales and profitability,in dynamic and highly competitive industries.

His vast experience in the Australasia-Pacific region has seen him achieve an enviable record in expanding businesses, reducing costs, building teams and successfully re-structuring organisations.

Let’s have a look at some of the Key Strengths and Competencies

Leadership and Business Management

Mike is an energetic and enthusiastic leaderwho motivates his associates by defining clear and strategic objectives and goals.

He believes in teamwork and accountability, leading and developing teams encompassing sales, marketing, and business development.

Team and People Development

Mike has a strong reputation for people development and inspires respect and loyalty amongst team members.

He believes empowerment and accountability are the key tools teams and individuals need to reach their potential for success.

Current and Future Direction

Mike has a background absolutely geared to promoting and marketing business education products. He is has now turned all his experience to internet marketing and the promotion of online business education products specifically designed for small to medium business entrepreneurs both online and offline.

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