A Business Plan for Retirees

Doesn’t that title sound a little bizarre? I’m suggesting you get a business plan together for your retirement – have I gone daft?

I’m suggesting that some people make more during their retirement years than they ever did while working a 9-to-5 job, and that getting the right plan together as soon as possible will help you do the same thing.

How can you make that kind of money in retirement?

I know of two people who had high positions in academia who are doing just that. They realized that by working with someone who had huge success online, they could capitalize on that person’s track record and specialized knowledge in online selling, packaging, and delivering. Working from different sides of the country, without knowing each other or having their paths cross in any way, they both simply followed the guidance provided by a very successful person who was decades younger than themselves.

The result? Both of them, one man and one woman, are living the life that was beyond their dreams. Nobody dares to dream of that kind of success after living a very successful life that didn’t pay nearly that much.

Now the question remains: Who would you partner with to get those kinds of results?

They both happened to partner with the same person, Matt Lloyd of My Online Business Education. Matt has a multi-national company that he began to create in his early 20’s. Unlike either of those two retired people, Matt banged around online for quite a while, willing to endure utter poverty while trying to crack the code of how to make a living online.

He’d tried selling kangaroo pelts and various other commodities before, and he’d had a business cleaning houses and mowing lawns, but he noticed just how lucrative it could be to have an online business. It took him a few years, but after cracking the code, he decided to share his success by partnering with newcomers (and yes, a lot of them were “old-timers” in age).

What does Matt do? Matt helps people create online businesses. He shows people what he did to achieve success. I remember being at a webinar where he showed us the leap in his income from 5 figures per month to 6 figures per month! I was astonished. He shows us how to do that.

When should I get involved? There’s never been a better time than now to learn. Right now, the industry is screaming with success, and there is so much new software to make it easier that you don’t even need to know code to build a website and start taking in money through online sales. HOWEVER – and this is big – this boom period won’t last forever. Because it’s so easy to get in right now, many more people over the next 10 years will start flooding in. This is the best time in history to make money online.

Why would you like extra cash each month? Well, for one thing (and I’ve already gone through this in previous posts), people are living longer than ever before. Whatever you have saved for retirement might not be enough. Or, maybe you’re dealing with a loved one with a health problem. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the financial freedom to do everything possible for this person, including taking them to a beautiful resort for some R&R? Or, maybe you have a favorite charity you wish you could support more.

Whatever the reason this money might come in handy, you can find out more about how to do it here.

What’s your business plan for retirement? What have you tried to do to make more money in retirement? Do you know anyone with a side business or part-time job who’s making good money in retirement? Feel free to contact me here, leave a comment below, or check out a 21-step educational system you can try for less than $50 and a money-back guarantee.